Registration strategy advice

In industrial and intellectual property, the line between investment and expenditure is very fine. That’s why our advice focuses on getting the best possible protection using the necessary tools to minimise costs.

30 years’ experience and employees in 140 countries enable us to identify the best protection strategies, especially at the international level. In addition to all of this, our reporting methodology  minimises the effort required by our clients to monitor possible threats to their rights.


Registration of patents and trademarks

Research, applications, maintenance of our clients’ rights and monitoring of third party rights that may clash with those of our clients are the basic services offered by our registration team for all bodies (OEPM [Spanish Patent and Trademark Office], EUIPO, WIPO and EPO).

Our projects are focused on anticipating potential obstacles that may arise in the registration process and setting a realistic and effective schedule, in line with the business needs of each company. Our services start with a preliminary analysis that determines the viability of the desired trademark and a proposal for registration at the international level to cover the main protection requirements.

There is no doubt that awareness of the start of the art gives product research and development departments a starting point for achieving novel and inventive results. In the same way, success in patent registration depends on the appropriate use of registration times. Our team manages these two variables so that the strategies adopted achieve their objectives, especially in complex scenarios such as at the international level.
doing it quickly can be the difference between the success or failure of the design registration strategy. Therefore, the pursuit of perfection is the principle behind our design registration advice.



  • Registration processed in less than 1 hour at the national and international levels.
  • Registration with all national, European and international bodies (OEPM, EUIPO and WIPO).
  • Reporting methodology that speeds up the tracking of all matters by companies.
  • Our monitoring services enable us to find applications that may be identical or similar to those of our clients.
  • Control of competition: our clients can use certain completely free competition monitoring services.
  • Disputes: we exhaust all administrative and judicial review remedies thanks to a team that specialises in this area.

Our lawyers draw up agreements on the licence and transfer of know how. The purpose of these agreements is the transfer of a company’s confidential technical, business and financial knowledge with commercial or industrial applications.

Our experience enables us to draw up know how agreements aimed at improving the use of our clients’ trade secrets, emphasising the safeguarding of the confidentiality of the information disclosed, both during and after the contractual relationship.

The success of this type of agreement depends on formality, secrecy and burden, three elements taken into account by our team.

National and international licence and transfer of trademarks, patents, utility models and industrial designs.

We specialise in agreements on the use of industrial property rights, emphasising aspects such as regulating the way in which they are used, with the aim of avoiding the discredit, dilution or loss of the rights.

Our projects are focused on the transfer of use rights on artistic, literary and scientific creations. Our team has extensive experience in agreements on the transfer of rights on images, photographs and literary works.

We specialise in advising elite athletes, artists and people who appear in the media. An essential part of this advice is drawing up agreements on the transfer of image rights with leading companies.

Our team always seeks a correct transfer of these rights that restricts use to what the client wants and needs, thus avoiding excesses on the part of the assignee and allowing for future transfers.


  • We specialise in the contracting of image rights of elite athletes and artists.
  • Personalised service throughout the process.
  • Drawing up of agreements adapted to the actual needs of the client.

Many companies need to value their intangible assets in order to determine licence or sale prices, carry out a strategic or investment analysis, obtain funding, resolve legal proceedings or meet tax requirements.

Valuation of intangible assets enables companies to make more informed decisions, especially when industrial and intellectual property is a key asset. In addition, it should be noted that the valuation of intangible assets provides an economic reference point for granting or renewing licence agreements, so their impact on a company’s day-to-day business is significant.

Our team of economists frequently carries out valuations of trademarks and patents using the methods considered most appropriate for each case and combining economic, technical and scientific points of view.

Some of the methods of valuing intangible assets used by our professionals are royalty relief, historical cost, discounted cash flow adjusted by probability and the real options valuation method.


  • Our valuations of pharmaceutical patents and pharmaceutical portfolios are backed up by our extensive experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, where our group is a world leader.
  • We specialise in the valuation of patents for biological and advanced therapy medicinal products.
  • Valuation of trademarks in the textile industry.
  • Multidisciplinary team that brings together experts in valuation techniques with experts in the various fields of application of industrial and intellectual property.